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Free pipe organ sample set for Hauptwerk 4

Built by Wilhelm Sauer nineteen stop organ, located in Skrzatusz Sanctuary (Poland), recorded and sampled to let you enjoy this great instrument at your home.

Overview History

Skrzatusz (check pronunciation), a village placed in the Greater Poland region (show on map) is famous because of Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that is considered to be a popular prilgrimage destination in this region. The Sanctuary was built in 1687-1694 as a votive offering for the Battle for Vienna..
The first pipe organ dates back to the seventeenth and eigtheenth century, probably 1696. Supported by two columns, it was placed on a gallery of wood in the choir. The organ was commonly called "positiv" and was seriously damaged in 1724, because of a slipping ceiling. During one of the repairs, a larger organ was built by Wilhem Sauer from Frankfurt (Oder) in 1876. The organ was signed as opus 213. It has 19 stops, 2 manuals and pedal with fully mechanical tracker action. It has one floating top reservoir, electrical blower, bellows and tremolo for the 2nd manual. The keyboard compass is from C to f3, pedal compass from C to d1. The organ case is decorated by an angel playing trumpet and two smaller angels sitting on side sections.
Because of the bad condition of the organ, in 2004 the Sauer company from Frankfurt (Oder) made the complete overhaul of the organ during which the Nachtigall (nightingale) replaced the Calcanten Ruf, the blower was changed, all pipes were renewed and preserved, and broken trackers were repaired.


The samples were recorded in June, 2012. Each pipe of the organ was recorded separately. All samples have one loop set, usually ~6-7s long, however some samples got even 15s and longer loops due to the unstable sound of some pipes. I recorded also one set of short release samples to improve the realism for short notes. Besides pipe samples, all of the organ noises (key/stop tracker noise, tremulant) and ambient noises (blower, ambient) were recorded too. Unfortunately, the Nachtigall wasn't working during the recording day, so it's not working in the sample set.
The organ is available in the original tuning, but can be tuned into any tuning available in Hauptwerk.


Manual I

Bordun 16'
Principal 8'
Fugara 8'
Flute harm. 8'
Fugara 8'
Octave 4'
Quinte 2 2/3'
Octave 2'
Mixtur 3f.
Cornett 4f. (ab c1)

Manual Koppel
Manual II

Geigen-principal 8'
Gedact 8'
Viola di Gamba 8'
Praestant 4'
Flauto dolce 4'


Violon 16'
Subbaß 16'
Octavbaß 8'
Baßflöte 8'
Posaune 16'

Pedal Koppel

Media Pictures

Virtual console

Virtual console

Audio demos

Feel free to mail me if you want to share your performances.


Skrzatusz.CompPkg.Hauptwerk.rar (2.8 GB, MD5 checksum: 101a47ae0c16f78b1c375f51dba63d07)

Important: The sample set requires Hauptwerk software to work, version 4 or higher. To load it in the best quality, you will need 3.5 GB of free RAM.
To install the sample set, simply select File/Install organ and temperament... in Hauptwerk's main menu and select downloaded file.
This sample set is available just for home use. Any kind of commercial usage is not allowed.


Developing this sample set took me a lot of time and effort. Any amount of money will be welcome. Commercial sample sets usually cost a lot, here you can get good quality samples absolutely free.

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If you want to support me, but available payment methods are not suitable for you, let me know.


My name is Piotr Grabowski. I'm a fifth year student of the Sound Engineering at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland. I've been working on developing Hauptwerk's sample sets for few years. In the past, I got commercial projects called, Virtuelle Pfeifen,but because of the lack of time I quit this activity.
Skrzatusz project is a result of my voluntary activity, which aim is to promote Skrzatusz Sanctuary and its pipe organ. It is a single project so far, but I am open to any method of cooperation.